Monokot OPC Server

Modern and cross-platform OPC UA server for industrial and IoT communications

Monokot OPC Server

Modern and cross-platform OPC UA server for industrial and IoT communications

Ready for IoT

The server provides a communication OPC UA  stack to build modern systems of automation. Ensure high reliability and safety while transferring your data


Cross-platform compatibility of technologies .NET Core and OPC UA allows to deploy the server on Windows and Linux operating systems. Use the server for PC or Raspberry PI

Remote Management

The server is designed to create distributed systems that is why it allows to be remotely managed with the Monokot Server Administrator, OPC UA clients or SDK

Multi-protocol communication

Industrial and IT Protocols

For communication with your field devices, the server supports most popular communications protocols


  • Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU/ASCII

  • S7 for Siemens PLCs and Sinamics via Ethernet

  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMPv1, SNMPv2c)

Remote server management

Powerful and Easy

Monokot OPC Server is simple and easy to use. Configure your devices and tags for a few minutes. Deploy the server on a target device and manage it remotely using your laptop or PC

Access to Server Objects

Our server has an ability to read and write such server objects properties as device host, slave id, role permissions and etc via OPC UA

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